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Blog & News

Tips for conducting qualitative video interviews

Our experts describe what you should pay attention to when conducting qualitative video interviews in market research

Market research software: What you need to consider

What does good market research software need to be able to do to carry out qualitative and quantitative market research?

Finding Survey Participants: These are the ultimate best tips!

Our experienced survey and audience experts will give you valuable tips on how to find survey participants and what options are available.

Conduct qualitative video interviews and find participants

With Make Opinion's Video interview tool Get qualitative feedback quickly and easily and find participants for interviews worldwide

Create survey: This is how easy it is with Make Opinion's survey tool

With Make Opinion's innovative ans easy-to-use survey tool, you can quickly and easily create a survey that is highly user-friendly.

Net Promoter Score (NPS): definition, example, calculation

With the Net Promoter Score survey software question types Make Opinion determine and calculate your NPS value fully automatically.

In Home Use Test: It's that easy to find engaged test subjects

Find dedicated test persons for an In Home Use Test quickly, easily and cost-effectively. We also provide the tools to carry out IHUTs.

Audience tool: Easy access to 25 million online panel participants

Use Make Opinion's innovative audience & online panel tool for quick and easy access to more than XNUMX million engaged panelists worldwide.

Pilot study: definition, meaning, tips and best practices

For complex online surveys, it makes sense to conduct pilot studies to minimize costs and optimize the survey.
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